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Ideas for celebrating a Long-Distance Mother’s Day

By 8th May, 2011 Care Home, Holidays Comments Off

Communication technology has come a along ways in the last few years. It has become easier than ever to add a more personal touch to those long distance relationships. Most of these new options are very affordable and some are even free if you have the right equipment at home. So, for those of you out there like my husband and I, that want to tell your mother how much you love her, but have to do so from a long distance, here are a few suggestions to make it a little more personal.

  • Video phones: Probably the most expensive option since both parties would need to have the equipment and pay a long distance charge. These phones come with video screens as well as audio so you can see and talk to your loved one. Another benefit of having the video phone is that it allows individuals who are hard of hearing, deaf or speech impaired to communicate via a sign language interpreter.
  • Skype: For those of you with a computer, internet connection, web cam and microphone, Skype is a great way to stay in touch and best of all it’s FREE! Again both parties must have all the above mentioned equipment. You would simply log in to Skype and follow the on-line instructions and you will be talking face-to-face in no time.
  • iPhone: For the iPhone4 user, there is face time. This is also a free service as long as both parties have the phone. It allows you to talk and see the other person right over your I-phone which means you can take your personal connections with you.
  • Facebook: Although this is not as personal as the three before mentioned options, it’s still a great way to keep in touch and to share some of those special moments with others. My husband’s cousin chose to honor her mother’s memory this mother’s day by changing her profile picture to a picture of her mother so we could all celebrate her memory with her. So for those of you whose mothers have passed, you can still keep her memory alive by sharing it with your friends and family on Facebook.

So whether you are celebrating this Mother’s day with your mother or from a distance Majestic Rose wishes you the very best.